7 Easy Tips to Ask friends to Pay Money Back

How to Ask Someone for Money Back Politely?

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7 Easy Tips to Ask friends to Pay Money Back
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Don’t know how to ask someone for money back politely? Here are some tips for asking friends to pay the money back. Do you want to learn how to ask for money owed by your friend?

Asking a friend who owed your money is quite challenging and stressful. With using some easy tips, it has become simple to get your money back and also; it’s less awkward than ever. So, read this article and get some useful insights to use in the future.

7 Simple Tips to Ask Friends to Pay Money Back

#1. Give a Polite Reminder

Your friend can genuinely forget the money they owe you. Here you do not need to panic and take any impulsive decisions. Instead of doing it, you can give a polite reminder either by talking or by text message. They will surely apologize and pay your owed money back if they forget.

7 Easy Tips to Ask friends to Pay Money Back
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However, here you must make sure you have to lend money to your friend; hence your communication should be polite and friendly. It will keep your friends for a long time; here is an example of how to ask a friend to pay owed money. “Hey, last month I lent some money. Could you return it?”

#2. Discover a Way to Work it off

It can be hard to ask for money back from your friend, especially when it’s your close friend. So, here you can ask for a simple favour to round off the money you lend. If your friend is good at graphic design and needs a brand logo or marketing collateral, you can ask for a favour.

Remember, everyone has some talent; if it can work for you to work off your owed money, you can opt for it. Using this tip to ask for money owed, you would not feel awkward and keep your friendship healthy.

#3. Use the Barter System; it still Works

Do you love to have something that your friend has, and you also want to own the same? If so, you can politely offer your friend that instead of paying the owed money, they can give one of the things you liked. It can be a video game or something your friend feels happy to give to write off the money you lend.

7 Easy Tips to Ask friends to Pay Money Back
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Here you must remember that you should not be asking for a LED TV if you have lent $10 for something. You must be gentle and polite because if you have helped your friend one day, you can have to get help from them.

#4. Get an update on where they Used Money

Most people ask for money for a specific purpose, and usually, they utilize the same and tell their friends. If you lend money to your friend, you can ask where they used the owed money. This way, you can promptly ask when they will return it. Ask your friend to pay the owed money back is very passive.

For example, if you lend money to your friend for new coaching classes. Here you can ask how is the new coaching and its quality; it can open a conversation on the same topic and help you ask the same in proper flow. Here your friend will not mind and will update you about the repayment.

#5. Recover your Money in the Next Round Meeting

Usually, friends have a small money-lending relationship; it mostly takes place to eat outside, watch a new movie, or do another sort of thing. If you paid money for your friend in the same situation, you could ask them to pay for the same next time.

It recovers your money on the common activities you both do. But of course, be polite and show that you are running out of cash due to something or your parents are not paying.

#6. Ask to Help you; you have no Money

You helped your friend when they needed the money, now you are in trouble and need some money. So, this time you can ask your friend and tell them you need some urgent money you can also ask to pay to owe money.

7 Easy Tips to Ask friends to Pay Money Back
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This is a genuine condition where your friend should understand and try to return your money and help you financially. If you feel a little generous, you can also get a small favour in proportion to lending money.

#7. Offer a Flexible Repayment Option

If you give the borrower the option to pay owed money in instalments, the borrower can completely pay off the money. While giving the money to your friend, you can set the instalments and give dates. In this way, your friend will be in alert mode and keep paying the money in instalments.

Remember, if you do not get owed money from your friend, in that case, it can strain your friendship. You can easily be angry with someone who owes money and is not paying. Therefore, it’s good to lend money only when the borrower is capable of returning and you are capable of lending the money.

Last Tip on How to Ask for Money Owed

Here is the last tip that can end your friendship but will return the owed money by your friend. If you use all the tips mentioned above on asking for your money back politely, these do not work for you. You can reach out to your friend’s parents and tell them that their kid and your friend owed money but not paying back.

And you also need the same money for some financial requirements. This way, your friend’s parents will take this matter seriously and help you get your money. It might damage your friendship, but your friend’s parents will teach some sense to your friend.


So, do you want to avoid awkward situations when asking a friend to repay owed money? It’s good to use the tips on politely asking your friend for your money back. These powerful tips help you get your money back and keep your friendship healthy.

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