5 Reasons To Start Blogging Today

Learn What are Reasons to Start Blogging as a Teenager and Mom

5 min readJun 17, 2022

Want to know what are the reasons to start blogging today? What are the benefits of starting a blog? Does blogging make money in 2022? These are the questions that hit in mind whenever someone starts thinking about running a personal blog in any niche. Even I had to think about buying a domain and hosting for my blog paisekiyukti. It has been over a year since I started my blog and published articles.

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I started blogging as a passion for writing on stuff without knowing about SEO, keyword research, and other short of things. Also, this blog has not made any money from affiliate marketing or Google Adsense yet, but it has helped me a lot to make money from other mediums. So, based on my personal experience, I will give you the top 5 reasons to start blogging.

Top 5 Reasons to Start Blogging Today

#1. Improve Web Writing Skills

Blogging is self-satisfactory by nature and gives you immense options to grow. Most importantly, it also helps you improve your writing style. I used to be very poor in English and got very poor marks in my English exams. But when I started blogging, writing, and reading articles on the internet, it helped me improve the way I write.

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While starting the first blog seems very awkward, you will become habitual of it later. And you will surely love writing about your favourite stuff like personal finance, investing, parenting, eCommerce, and other niches you love the most.

#2. Inspire People and Build an Audience

Blogging is one of the best ways to inspire people, build an audience, and, most importantly, stay motivated. Whether your blog makes money or not, it gives ultimate pleasure when someone comments and says your post has helped them. You have the opportunity to influence people and build your loyal audience.

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You can help your audience improve their lives by telling something very useful and interesting. You can share your personal experience about something very important to know. All these things are achievable using your blog; I’m also connecting with you using this blog article. Don’t you think it’s a nice idea to communicate, share a rational view, and inspire people on the internet?

#3. Get Ready to Learn a New Skill.

Learning is the ideal way to earn; blogging is one of the major tools. When you start blogging, you do not only learn to write blog content. But you also learn to market blogs, implement best practices of SEO, and also do email marketing. Blogging also takes you to social media marketing, content marketing, and WordPress site designing. These days all these skills are in-demand, and companies pay decent pay to such professionals.

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So, if you start your blog and fail to monetize your blog, still you will have lots of open doors to make money. Currently, my blog does not make me money. Still, it has taught me lots of skills like Pinterest management, social media post writing, content writing, email marketing, and other things. So, blogging also teaches you other skills to enable you to get employed at high-paying gigs.

#4. Start Generating Money from Blogging.

Blogging is also a tool to make money online; most people start blogging to make money online. It allows you to earn money from Google Adsense and other ad companies. You can also earn money from guest posts, promotional articles, affiliate marketing, and selling your services. Even if you have started the blog as a side hustle, later, it can help you earn passive money. It can work as your portfolio and show your skills in front of recruiters.

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It will surely give you an edge over other candidates and grab the ideal opportunity. So, blogging is one of the best sources to make money online as a student, teenager, housewife, mom, and working professional. If you start your blog in a niche where you have an interest and have a decent audience size, later, it can help you generate good money.

#5. Build a Personal Brand and Increase Employment Opportunities

Have you listened to some of the leading bloggers? What will you feel when someone considers your name on the list of successful and ideal bloggers? It will be a strong motivation and help you avail yourself of lots of good opportunities. You can also launch your course to teach others about blogging. You can open your company and help startups to enterprises in content marketing, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies.

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Also, you can get hired by some leading marketing or tech companies on good salary hikes. I have seen many people who have started blogging and now make decent money. So, if you are fresher and have no income source, it’s good to put some money to start blogging. You can also try a free Blogger blog, and when you feel confident, you can choose WordPress and launch a professional site.

5 reasons to Start Blogging: Conclusion

Here we discussed five reasons to start blogging as a teenager, stay-at-home mom, and even fresher. I hope you find this article helpful and will take action in this field. If you are interested in writing and online marketing, blogging can give you a path. It can allow you to learn new skills and grab new opportunities. So, if you liked this information, please follow me here and also feel free to check out another article.

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