9 Simple Rules To Write A Killer Product Description That Sells

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9 Simple Rules To Write A Killer Product Description That Sells
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If you have just created your eCommerce website or Shopify store. You might be asking others how to write a product description that sells. If you are a Shopify store owner, you might ask how to write a product description for a Shopify store. Whether you own an eCommerce store or a Shopify store, it is worth looking at.

Because based on my writing experience, I will share some simple ways to write a killer product description that your clients love to use and get more customers.

9 Simple Rules to Write Killer Product Description

#1. Understand Audience

Before you start writing your product description, you must know your audience. It’s effortless but also a trick question, and if you want to understand the targeted audience of the product, then try to think like a customer. For example, if you are writing a product description for a laptop. In this case, your targeted audience can be students, graphic designers, web developers, college-goers, and all those people who will love to use that product as it will solve their problems and make the task easier to do.

9 Simple Rules To Write A Killer Product Description That Sells
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#2. Tells Product’s Benefits

Why should someone buy the product you sell? Before your product can provide certain benefits that other brands do not. Highlight these benefits in your product description and put them there where the audience can easily catch them. You can put the benefits on the top and even on the bottom; you can even use bullet points.

#3. Try to Write in the form of a Story.

You are trying to convince the buyer to buy your product. You can tell them what the product is and how it will solve the buyer’s problem. Try to add some emotional punch to your write-up. You do not need to be so creative; add some personal touch that makes the product trustworthy.

#4. Use Natural and Straightforward Language.

You are not writing for the university’s professors who will rate your work and give marks. You are writing for a general audience who wants clear, short, and simple information. And you also need to provide the same to generate more sales on the product.

9 Simple Rules To Write A Killer Product Description That Sells
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#5. Use Power Words

Do you know what power words are and how they persuade buyers? Power words are words that engage the buyers with the product. Some powerful words are unique, faith, happy, excited, wonderful, victor, daring, etc. You can consider at least two or three power words in your product description and put them where they can easily get scanned by the buyer.

#6. Don’t Keep Your Product Description Boring.

When you use long sentences and complex words in your write-up, it makes the reader and buyer feel bored. And boring product descriptions are rarely going to generate sales. So, keep the product description length up to 300 words. Use small paragraphs and sentences, and keep the generated and engaging tone. You will indeed write a fantastic product description if you know the product.

#7. Do SEO of Product Description.

Your next task is to use targeted keywords in your product descriptions. Generally, we use buying keywords in product descriptions; as buyers want to purchase the item, they search for specific phrases. Understand proper and low competitive keywords and put them in your product description.

9 Simple Rules To Write A Killer Product Description That Sells
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#8. Use Attractive Image

Your product description makes your content more scannable and powerful by using attractive and high-quality images. You can increase the lead generation ratio from your product description. Hence, do not forget to add one or two images of the product so the audience can understand which product they will buy.

#9. Write and Test

You have specific information and have written an SEO-optimized product description. However, your work is not over here because you also have to analyze the data and edit based on requirements. So, you can generate more sales from your product description.

Below is an example of a product description that I wrote for you to understand how you can write a product description. However, there are other ways of writing product descriptions, but it is a simple and easy way to write and attract buyers.

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9 Simple Rules To Write A Killer Product Description That Sells

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I hope now you have an idea of how to write a product description for your website or Shopify store. However, consider reading about the topics mentioned below to gather more insights and improve your web content writing style.

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