Top 3 Writing Practices for Writers

3 min readSep 2, 2022

Do you want to become a better writer? Is your writing style not superb? Let me share some most effective writing practices that improve your writing style and clarity. These practice activities are equally helpful no matter where you thrive in your content writing journey.

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#1. Read A Book Plus A Web Copy: Try at Least for 10–15 Minutes Each

We all know that writing books and web copies are both different. A writer writes a book to share their complete experience in a particular domain. They also share crucial insights, use proper grammar, and follow the best practices to provide crisp and engaging material. A blog or web copy is written to explain the complex terms to normal people using SEO guidelines.

If you are a writer, you might already have some knowledge of both. Reading your favorite book and a blog helps you strengthen your vocabulary, proper punctuation, and word choice. I used this practice activity, and it helped me a lot to improve my writing abilities.

#2. Write and Rewrite from Scratch: 300 Words Each Day is More than Sufficient.

As a writer, you must have strong creative and storytelling skills. So, pick a random top or childhood story and start writing in a Word file. Writing around 300-words daily will improve your ability to describe the material effectively. It also helps you build writing habits and improve your speed.

However, you might know that the first write-up is not always look up the mark. Hence, you must rewrite the written material more engagingly and effectively. It’s part two of this writing activity; trust me; it will help you improve your writing skill and maintain clarity plus good flow.

#3. Edit other’s Copy or a Book Chapter: 500 Words Every Day is Enough

Along with reading a book and web content, you can even try to edit by yourself. Editing is crucial for a writer to tell many things in a few words. So, you can choose any book and its chapter and try editing it yourself. You can even choose the blog you just read and try to figure out any grammar errors or sentence choices.

This writing practice will help you improve your editing and reading skills. In addition, it will also strengthen your grammar knowledge and approach to explaining complex stuff.


These are the top three writing practices that every writer should do. These writing practices are easy to implement and can immensely help you improve the quality of copy you write for a client. I hope you found this post very helpful and made some use of its knowledge.

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