Top 5 Personal Finance Tips That Every Beginner Should Follow

3 min readAug 31, 2022

Do you want to learn how to save money and spend your hard-earned money smartly? If so, stay here on this post, as I will share some powerful and easy executable personal finance tips with you. After in-depth research and adding my personal experience, I have listed these financial tips. So, cover each point and comment on which finance tips you liked the most. So, let’s start discussing all of these steps by step.

Top 5 Personal Finance Tips That Every Beginner Should Follow
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1. Start at an Early Age

You must start saving money as early as you can in your life. If you start saving money in your 20s, you will have more chances to make wealth than the person who starts in your 30s or 40s. It’s the time when you can do experiments and also try some risky investments. However, while saving money, you must keep the portfolio diversified so there are minimum chances of loss. You can start with FDs, mutual funds, IPOs, and stock trading. Follow a systematic path to make a better saving strategy for higher returns in the future.

2. Keep an Eye on the Bank Statement.

If you have multiple bank accounts, you might have noticed that there are many charges that banks deduct. You must check out your statement from time to time to avoid paying for unnecessary charges. Private banks deduct much money from the account; hence, try to keep your money where you have to pay less and keep your money secure.

3. Get Life Insurance

You must also start investing some money in an ideal life insurance policy. It is a must-have for every teenager or person willing to save money and avoid any risk. Most insurance premium amounts stay very affordable at the early age of life. However, if you get insurance in your 30s or later, there will be a high premium and many other disadvantages.

4. Repay Debt Fast

I have already shared an article on how to pay debt fast; it’s a crucial term you must consider. It is because the more time you will take to pay the debt money, the more interest amount you will have to pay later. Hence, do not wait for the payment tenure; work hard to repay the debt as soon as possible. It will have you live a debt-free life and invest the saved amount in something more valuable.

5. Get Ready for Digital.

Instead of visiting physical offices to pay electricity bills and other utility charges, you must try the online method as these are cost-effective, time-effective, and very comfortable. Many applications let you earn rewards to pay such bills and convert them into gift vouchers. Also, you are not required to pay any additional amount to use such applications.


So, these are the top five personal finance tips that every beginner should follow. By following these tips, you will not only be able to save money but also get the best value from your limited earning sources. Hence, I hope you liked this post and will implement it to get some benefit. If you keep willing to read such interesting posts in the future, make sure you follow me here on Medium.

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