Top 10 Travel Reel Ideas that Get Viral

10 Best Instagram Reel Ideas for Travel Influencers

Are you a travel influencer and want to get viral? If so, you must not ignore the power of IG reels. Attention-grabbing reels generate up to 81% more engagement than normal videos. Also, reel posts can give 1.5x better reach than standard posts. Therefore, whether you are a travel influencer or business owner, it’s the article you should read. We’ve shared a compilation of the top 10 travel reel ideas to get more followers and post impressions.

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Top 10 Instagram Reel Ideas for Travel Bloggers & Influencers

1. Timelapse Travel Video

Timelapse videos are one of the easiest IG reel ideas for travel bloggers. Nowadays, most smartphones come with a timelapse video recording feature. To shoot this reel video, you will need to use a stable tripod; it will hold your phone for 2–5 minutes so you can record the video easily. Every small detail is noticeable in the timelapse video. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the phone on a stable object.

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Although, if your phone or camera does not have a timelapse video recording feature. Don’t worry, as you can record a normal video about travel content. And later, you can use free online tools and increase the speed by 5–6 times. In addition, you can even add calm and soothing music in the background. It will maintain engagement and help you get the best result.

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2. Teaser Video of the Next Tour

If you also stay active on YouTube and other social channels along with Instagram. In that case, teaser videos can be powerful and multipurpose content. You can create a teaser video on your next travel plan or journey. Or you can hint to your audience about which location you will discover and when they can expect the content.

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Also, don’t forget to mention the complete video launch date and time. It will keep your audience excited to watch your next tour video.

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3. Slow Motion Travel Reel

Slow-motion reels are very common and also easy to create. Instagram users love watching such types of reals. If you have a DSLR camera, you can use its slow-motion feature. However, you can even use your smartphone’s slow motion feature.

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In both cases, you can get good results. However, your camera or smartphone should be stable, as it can affect the quality of the slow-motion reel video.

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4. Reel Video from the Car

Have you tried a reel video from the window seat of a car? It’s an interesting and powerful IG reel idea. You can easily shoot a short video reel of up to 15 seconds. It will update your audience about when you are going to your next travel destination.

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5. Stunning Beach Videos

While recording videos for your Instagram reel, you can shoot behind the scenes too. You need to use your camera and record a memory, especially on the beach. You can get several good places to click images and record IG videos.

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On top of that, you can even share some stunning videos you wish to share with your audience. People also love to know about any documentation work needed to enter the beach you visited. Also, they like to get your overall view and experience.

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6. Travel Food Video Reel

Do you know that every 9 out of 10 people watch reels every week? If you create a travel food reel, it can get the attention of these users. As a result, your post will have more impressions, likes, tags, shares, and comments. Ultimately, you will gain new followers and reach more users. Also, people love to know about the signature food of different tourist places. And whenever they visit that tourist destination, they also try these foods.

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There are many situations where you can shoot stunning reel videos. For example, you can shoot videos about the cafe’s interior, the food you ordered, and the beautiful place you are sitting and enjoying your dish. You can add the dish & cafe name, food cost, and other details in the caption.

7. Stunning Location Videos

Your next Instagram reel idea can help you gain traction on this platform. You can click many pictures of the place you just visited and combine them into one video reel. You can keep the single image duration up to 1 second.

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Also, don’t forget to use trendy transitions while making your reel videos. Nevertheless, you can make your video stunning and eye-catching. There you can find many easy-to-use filters and tools to improve the quality of your reel video.

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8. Listicle Travel Destination Video

Reels do not need to always be about the product or brand. You can even share some listicle reels which are informative. For example, the top 10 tourist destinations you can’t miss in Singapore and so on. But whichever list you share with the audience should be based on your personal experience.

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You can create your next reel around your favorite podcast, food, and other activities. In addition, it’s also recommended to use text and special filters to make the reel more engaging.

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9. Photo Dump Video

Your next travel reel video idea can help you get viral. You can gather a collection of photos and video clips from a single trip. So, you can add these images or videos to make a single reel.

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Sharing your beautiful traveling memories and landscape images in a reel is a great idea. It gives a complete glimpse of your tour activities. So, you can also try this IG reel idea to get more reach and attention from your audience.

10. Accommodation Video Reels

Showcasing your accommodation with music gives you good reach on Instagram. You can share information about how you got this affordable, comfortable, or luxurious accommodation. Sharing its interior and exterior with the audience is also a great idea. You can share reels on furniture and other facilities plus staff support.

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In addition, you can shoot morning, evening, and lunchtime reel videos. All these content ideas are equally applicable to other social channels. So, you can easily get wide reach and attention from your audience.


This article discussed the top 10 travel reel ideas that can get viral. However, make sure you maintain quality whenever you create your Instagram reel. Instagram’s audience is very particular about the quality of reels and IG posts.

If you keep posting relevant, interesting, stunning, and unique reels 2–3 times a week. You will start seeing some results and getting the attention of your followers. So, use these Instagram reel ideas for travel bloggers to increase your followers.

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Hi, I'm Suraj, a freelance content writer and aspiring blogger. I love sharing about Tech, Finance, Marketing, & Writing Hacks.