Suraj: My Autobiography

Glimpse of My Professional Career!

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Born on January 27th, 2000, in a farmer’s family, my childhood was shaped by the values of hard work, ethics, and dedication instilled in me by my parents. Like most farmers in India, my parents were also not so good in terms of financial position, but they wanted me to study and grow up in a positive environment, aiming to uplift our family from the cycle of poverty. By putting a big stone in their heart, they decided to lay down the foundation of my academic journey in Nanihal with my maternal grandfather and mother. My maternal grandfather, at that time, was a central govt employee and happily accepted this responsibility.

Suraj: My Autobiography Glimpse of My Professional Career!
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Early Life Education

Though my parents and even my maternal grandfather and mother faced lots of ups and downs in their lives, they kept me untouched from all these negative incidents until I became mature enough to address these challenges. From getting admission to the nursery to passing the 12th board examination, my schooling was done in government schools. After completing high school studies, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi, School of Open Learning.

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Professional Career & Impact of COVID-19

In the final year of my graduation, I enrolled in a Diploma in Financial Accounting program in Nangloi, Delhi-based Computer Training Institute, Expert Academy. Completing the diploma program, I secured an accounts trainee role in a Chartered Accountants firm based in Rohini, Delhi. Working there for almost a year, my professional career faced a big setback because of getting laid off indirectly. Since I had a finance background and a strong grip on financial matters, I started searching for other opportunities in the same domain. However, there were limited opportunities available due to COVID-19. Almost every company laid off their employees or initiated a significant payment cut from their monthly salary.

This incident made me think and encouraged me to search for recession and pandemic-proof career options. While searching for the next career option, I heard of digital and content marketing roles, which sounded interesting. I started learning about digital marketing from YouTube and other resources available online. I also took HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification to secure a content writing internship at Acme Collins School. Upon completing the internship, I secured an entry-level content writer’s role in Rohini, a Delhi-based digital marketing and web development startup, Web Services. This was a turning point for my professional career as I worked with this company for almost 3–4 months before entering into the world of freelancing. Regarding freelancing, I had no idea that I would get a chance to work on exciting projects from India’s top famous companies.

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During this exciting journey, I worked with Ekwik Digital Pvt Ltd (a digital marketing agency & institute), Scalenut (a Content Marketing Agency), GoZoop Group (a Mumbai-based Advertising Agency), and Delente Technologies Pvt Ltd (an Online Media Startup). Working with all these companies was immensely enjoyable and full of learning, shaping my professional abilities to handle diverse projects and cater to the unique needs of the clients. As part of my current role, I’m serving as a content writer at DigitalDefynd, where my role goes beyond just writing articles and publishing them on the website. I’m also reviewing other writers’ writing assignments, content strategy, interlinking, URL redirects, and content updates.

Looking Forward

With diverse experience in content marketing, I’ve improved my content creation, strategy, and management. Now, I aim to leverage all these experiences and passion for content creation to make a significant impact, directly or indirectly improving a website’s online reach and audience base.

When I look behind, I see smiling faces with lots of hope and positivity from my parents. I thank them for their big sacrifices and promise to do something big in the coming years.

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