Should You Use Chat GPT Generated Content?

Certainly, Not. Here is why!

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In the series of understanding the use cases of ChatGPT, I generated some content from it, and most contents was up to 300 words.

Here is What I Found:

  • Content is readable
  • Moderate to tell that it’s written by AI
  • Content structure is also proper
  • However, there are many cases when it shows outdated information
  • I also found some irrelevant matters


Was Content Plagiarised or Unique?

Well, if you check the Chat GPT generated content in Duplichecker and Small SEO Tools, it will show unique or some Plagiarism.

Such as mentioned here

I generated this content using ChatGPT.

And then checked the plagiarism scores using Duplicher and Small SEO Tools.

See what they showed me:


Small SEO Tools

So, should you use ChatGPT-generated content in your blog or website or for off-page SEO?

Absolutely not!

But why?

To check if the content is written by AI or humans, I did further research and came to know about a tool called “GPT-2 Output Detector Demo.”

Here is the link:

Here I checked the ChatGPT-generated content and saw what it showed me.

To cross-check the result.

I created another content using ChatGPT and then checked that into this tool. See what it showed me again.

After doing this, I decided to check my own blog posts.

And See what it showed me when I checked my self-written “Product description content.”

I also checked another self-written blog in this tool to see what it showed in this case.

So, from the above example is clear that there are many tools like GPT-2 Output Detector Demo that can check if it's AI-written content.

And there is a higher chance that Google might also have such algorithms to determine whether or not content is written by AI (bots) or humans.

So, if you are thinking of creating content through ChatGPT and using it for various off-page or on-page SEOs, I would not recommend doing this.

As it's very risky to use and can have a negative impact on your website or blog. Thus, contact human writers and take up slow steps to achieve a big milestone rather than finding any shortcuts and bots.

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