How to Write a Blog On a Company?

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Learn format & proper way!

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Do you know how to write a short blog on a company? If you are a freelance content writer or content marketer in a company, you can be asked to write a short form to long-form article or report on a company. You may have to give brief information about the company’s establishment, nature of work, founders, achievements, products, aims, and other things that your employer or client needs.

However, below is a short-form article example on the same that will help you understand the format of writing such content. But before that, let’s look at the proper steps you should follow while writing such B2B content.

  • Get the name of the company you need to write about
  • Research on Google and visit the company website
  • On the company website, check out About and other relevant pages
  • You can look for company listing websites on Google and other search engines.
  • You can gather information about the company’s launch year, the number of employees, and ratings.
  • Start writing content when you have all the required information
  • Try to write less and tell more as it’s a B2B write up
  • Complete the first draft and run a Grammar check on Grammarly
  • You can now edit the Grammarly Checked draft in Google Docs
  • Here you can get some suggestions to correct the error
  • And using your proofreading skills, you can make your content crisper

Now you know how you can write a blog on a company or related topics, so let’s look at the blog example I have mentioned below.

PTC Industries- An Innovative Engineering Products Manufacturing Company

PTC Industries has been manufacturing high-end engineering products for more than 56 years. It was founded in 1963 by Sateesh Agarwal to aspire, innovate, and achieve the highest standards in its engineering components. The company manufactures a variety of engineering components to supply to oil & gas, marine, and power industries.

This company is highly appreciated for using top-notch technologies like Replicast®, RapidCast™, and ForgeCAST™. PTC has high-level automation in its Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat plants. They offer a range of engineering raw materials and supplies almost 75% of total production to well-renowned clients like Alstom, Siemens, GE, and Rolls Royce.

It has achieved the National Award For R&D Efforts From DSIR, Government of India. It was also noticed by Forbes India and awarded as one of the 16 Hidden Gems of Indian Industries. Rolls Royce also awarded PTC Industries the Total Cost Leadership Award. In 2008, this company earned CII Industrial Innovation Award for becoming an innovative engineering products manufacturer in the mid-segment.

The manufacturing plant is spread over 70,000 square meters and 15,000 square meters for the covered area. The plant has a fully robot-assisted manufacturing unit, 3D printing machines, Titanium casting capacity, and even 5-axis machining capabilities. PTC industries also re-engineered their manufacturing plants, which has zero effect on the environment and eliminates waste at every manufacturing stage. The plant also has a 1 MegaWatt rooftop solar facility to promote green energy and has taken other green initiatives like rainwater harvesting.

PTC Industries Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing the highest standards of engineering products for critical to most critical applications using the latest technologies like ForgeCASTTM. At the same time, the company takes initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

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So, I hope now you have some brief information on how to write a blog or article on a company. It may be similar to writing about or other web page content, but it must be written in article or blog format.

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