9 Best Budgeting Apps For Android & iOS Mobiles

Best Free Budgeting Apps For iPhones & Android

6 min readFeb 18, 2022

Today we will discuss the best budgeting apps for those looking for the best app for budgeting their personal finance. Some of these have paid versions or subscription packs for you at meager prices, but most apps are free to use. So, let’s start discussing these best budgeting apps and find the most friendly option for you.

9 Best Budgeting Apps For Android & iOS Mobiles

#1. Mobills

Mobills is the first application on our list and the best app for budgeting for personal finance. This best budgeting app categorizes your spending and current balance in your account. So, you may understand how you have to use your money for the rest of the period. Also, this application lets you analyze your financial activities through graphs, where you get more visual information and can make strategies for the future.

Except for these things, it is the best budgeting app as you may track your bill payment that is pending. This app can be used for free, but you need to get a subscription if you want some advanced tool. You can install this application from the App Store and Play Store.

#2. Stash

The next app for personal finance is stash, one of the best apps for budgeting your personal finance and controlling spending. If you are a beginner in the investment industry, this one can be the best budget app. The platform provides advanced tools to be used by your family and to have insurance. The negative aspect is that you will not plan to control taxation and have no interest in your financial account.

The thing which I like most is that anyone can invest via this best budgeting app. Also, they never ask anyone to pay for account checking. You can use this application from either the app store or the play store. One more thing, the subscription rate starts with $1/month and can vary as $3 or $9/month.

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#3. Money Manager

This app can be used for tracking your spending and analyzing your economic activities. It provides unique features to manage your credit and debit cards, expenses, and finances. Why is this the best app for budgeting? Because it makes your work easy as it is an overall finance management app.

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Here you may get all the relevant data on any measurement, either daily, monthly, or weekly. This best budget app can be installed from either the app store or google play. Also, it’s free to use a budgeting app suitable for beginners and those who do not wish to use premium tools.

#4. Expense Manager

The next of the best budgeting apps on our list is Expense Manager. As its name suggests, it helps users to manage their financial activities. Some tools are very significant, and one of them is a calculator. It helps you calculate your payments, loan, and interest and convert the currency value into a second currency.

It can be called the best budgeting app because the expenses are separately categorized and can be analyzed daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. Also, this best budgeting app is totally free and even easy to use.

#5. Monefy

Monefy is another great budgeting application available for mobile users. Monefy helps users manage their finances and analyze spending most efficiently with advanced tools. This is the best budgeting app for getting updated daily about bills, spending, balance, and other expenses. This best budgeting app helps you to track your finance with multiple currencies.

You may use the passcode feature to make your data safe and a budgeting tool to make strategies for your economic activities. This platform also lets you create multiple profiles and run them. So, you may use this best budgeting app for budgeting yourself in multiple places like your office and office.

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#6. Dhani

Dhani is one of the best budgeting apps for finance management. You may use it without any struggle as it is user-friendly and easy to use. You can make money online by sharing this app with your friends too. Also, you may get health insurance with more significant benefits on the platform and apply for emergency loans over 10k to 15 lakhs immediately.

Thus, it is the best app for budgeting your every expense and balance of the account. If you prefer taking quick loans for a particular task, it can be the ideal application to use.

#7. Wallet

The wallet is another best budget app for those who want a platform to manage and arrange your bills and debts to pay them before the timeline gets finished. To do financial activities automatically in a safe way and categorize them logically, this is the best app for budgeting all of your transactions.

They let you analyze your budget with graphs typically created with activities of your debts, cash, balance, credit, and debit cards. Anyone can join this platform from the App Store and google play.

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#8. Money View

This app is named money view; it helps you understand and evaluate your financial behavior. This is the best app for budgeting your finances and staying updated about the latest transactions. It also helps you to have suggestions about the essential things to spend your money on.

Also, you get reports on a weekly to monthly basis. So, track your expenses with this best budgeting app, and let’s move to the next platform, which is last but not least on our list.

#9. Walnut

One of the most excellent apps for budgeting and managing your finance is walnut which helps you get loans between me o 3 years with average interest rates. This is the best personal finance app to track your expenses and keep the history in pdf format.

Also, it allows you to find ATM service in your nearby place with the availability of cash. So, it makes your traveling easy too.

Best Budgeting Apps: Conclusion

Here we talked about the 9 best budgeting apps that may help you manage your finance relation between spending and account balance. We discussed how these best apps for budgeting may help you manage your budget and finances. I hope this article helps you find the ideal personal finance application for your mobile device.

You got the best budget app for you as the perfect option to control your economic activities. So, go and try the ideal application that you like the most, and you can also follow me to keep learning about personal finance. If you wish to learn about how to make money online you can check out the previous articles I have published.

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