7 Best Tik Tok Alternative You Can Try Now!

Here Are Best Tik Tok Alternatives You May Love To Try

7 min readJan 3, 2022
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When Tik Tok got banned in India, many Tik Toker and short video lovers missed it. And most of them started finding the best alternatives to Tik Tok. So, again creators can create such short videos, and the audience entertains themselves with funny videos.

However, now there are many apps like Tik Tok, and all of them have a decent audience base. But here, we will discuss the top 7 Tik Tok alternatives that can replace Tik Tok in your device. All the platforms are similar to Tik Tok and are available on iOS and Android. Let’s see some new apps like Tik Tok in my list given below:

Here Are Best Tik Tok Alternatives You May Love To Try

#1. Instagram reel

It is a feature in the Instagram app and not an application like Tik Tok. But still, it is the most effective Tick Tok alternative as Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. They provide you with features to add music, effects, filters, etc. It lets you create your video for up to 15 seconds.

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Also, you can increase and control the video motion speed. It was released in august of 2020 by Instagram. If you want to be an influencer, you can get popularity through hashtags, sharing with your networks, and that would be good to have a public account.

You can install Instagram from the google play store or Apple app store. It is free, and also you can start posting short videos of your talent such as dance, gardening, drawing, etc. let’s talk about other new apps like Tik Tok below.

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#2. Triller

Triller is another Tik Tok alternative that is based in Los Angeles. This is a similar app to Tik Tok, a video editor, but it has extra features. For example, Tik Tok had a 15sec video. At the same time, the Triller featured the availability of access songs from other platforms. It used the entire song in the video. Also, you can add filters and texts to your videos.

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One more impressive thing about the platform is that it allows you to collaborate to create unique videos and use effects. Triller has more than 120 million downloads on the Play and App store. The app’s achievement is that it is easy to use and can be used on any Android or iOS mobile.

But keep in mind that it is not social media. It does everything for you as it is an AI-powered video editor app and free to use. It is also a better replacement for Tik Tok. So, now let’s see the next Tik Tok alternative.

#3. YouTube Short

One of the best Tik-Tok alternatives is YouTube shorts. It is owned by Google and available to use on iOS and Android devices. Here, you can also monetize your shorts, which given tools can edit. It allows you to create 15 seconds to 1-minute duration videos.

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You will not need to be afraid to use it because it is not an app, and you will find it on YouTube, which is already on your device. Typically, most of us know about it. Still, those who don’t know should know that YouTube is free to use until you allow them to play ads on the videos, else you need to get a subscription if you don’t want to see ads and have some money to pay.

The monthly subscription is around $12.99. The practical alternative for creators is YouTube and also for viewers.

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#4. Facebook

Another best Tik-Tok alternative is Facebook, as it allows you to create short videos too. It is user-friendly, and you will get the option to upload videos in many categories. That is why it can be an adequate replacement for Tik Tok.

Also, you can get attention using hashtags and get some video editing tools from them. To get more popularity, you can use broadcasting or live options. It has its music library, the same as tik-Tok.

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In short, we can say it is the biggest competitor of Tik Tok and has gathered most of the Tik Tokers after Tik Tok was banned in India. It is one of the largest network communities worldwide. You can quickly get your name and fame by creating short videos on Facebook.

Also, it is free to use even if you are the creator or viewer. You can quickly install the app from the google play store, or even you already have installed it on your mobile.

#5. Snapchat

A vast social media platform is a suitable replacement for Tik Tok to create short videos. It is available to download on both devices, Android and iOS. Your short video duration can be up to 60 seconds. Also, there are many features for you on Snapchat, such as personal message, picture sharing, searing locations of friends, and editing pictures or videos.

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There are a lot of effects and filters to use in your short videos. So, we can not say that it is not as good as Tik Tok was. Else is one of the best apps, a TikTok alternative. It typically has over 235 million active users who use it.

This means you can be famous as you were on TikTok or wanted to be. It is getting popular after Tik Tok got banned, especially last year. You can download it from either the play store or app store.

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#6. Clash

It can be a Tik Tok alternative as well as a vine app. Many people may know about the Vine app, where you could create 6-second videos in the early days. Clash was created by the same developers who had created the vine app.

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One side Tik-Tok was letting you create videos gradually of 60 seconds. But the Clash app allows you to create 6-second videos the same as the vine app had allowed you to. It helps its users create short videos with video editing tools such as a loop. There are many ideas to create your videos in your feed, similar to Tik-Tok. Also, they allow you to create videos in many categories like horror, romantic, funny, anime, fashion, pets, magic, etc.

The impressive thing is that it is free to use and available to everyone who is a user of either iOS or Android. You can download it from the google play store or Apple app store. We have seen all Tik Tok alternatives in my list. Some more Tik Tok alternatives are below with their app link.

#7. Dubsmash

It is also a popular app and Tik Tok alternative after it was banned. It is based in New York and launched in 2014. Its best feature is to help lip-sync, and the purpose of creating this app was to become the best free video editing app. It allows you to add effects, text, stickers, etc. You share videos with the Dubsmash community and other social media platforms. It has around 100 million downloads.

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Not only these things, but it also has its sound library, which is similar to Tik Tok. It has many similar categories for watching videos, the same as watching videos in Tik Tok. If you want to enjoy videos of your networks, then you can watch them in the friend’s section.

When Tik Tok got famous, it lost some users, but now it is becoming popular as it was in the beginning. If you are interested in it, you can get it from either the google play store (on Android) or the Apple app store (on iOS).


We discussed some new apps like Tik Tok, the best Tik Tok alternatives. These are all best to replace Tik Tok and are available on iOS and Android devices. I hope you all liked this article about apps like Tik Tok.

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