7 Best Freelance Writing Sites To Make Money Online

Do you also ask others about the best freelance websites for writers?

Do you also ask others about the best freelance websites for writers? If so, Today, we will discuss some top freelance sites for writers that can help you generate good income. You just need typing skills and one laptop or pc to work comfortably.

Also, if you have a good writing style and approach to delivering meaningful articles, blog posts, and other content, these sites will suit you. So, without further delay, let’s start discovering top freelance websites for writers.

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Freelance Writing For Websites For Work From Home Writing Gigs

#1. Flexjobs

The first best freelance writing website on the list is Flexjobs; it’s one of the top freelance writing sites. You will get the work-from-home tasks by having a flexible schedule and working for clients from different countries.

Also, when you go here, you get great job listings, and if you have a membership, it increases your chances of success. However, with the free version, you can apply and find the best paying work from home freelance writing jobs.

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#2. Contena

Contena is famous and one of the best freelance writing sites, an institute to teach you how to get more clients, write your articles more effectively, and manage management skills. So, if you are just a fresher, you also do not need to be worried.

Another great thing that makes it one of the best freelance writing sites is finding the best suitable job for you by using its job-finding tool. It saves your time and helps you find legit freelance writing jobs.

#3. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs or FWJ is another excellent platform for those freelancers who want to do freelance writing for websites. Here you may meet other website owners, and they may ask you to do freelance writing on their website contents.

So, it is also another one of the best freelance websites for writers. It is a suitable freelance writing site for beginners and freshers to find remote writing jobs.

#4. Textbroker

We have some more freelancing sites for writers where you also can work. One of them is a Textbroker, which provides various writing services to clients. You may do multiple tasks such as copywriting, press content, web content, blogs, and more.

So, here, you can do freelance writing for websites based in any place around the globe. However, you will have to sign up and take a small test to get on board as a freelance writer. Once you pass the test, you can easily find good-paying writing jobs for work from home.

#5. Contently

One of the best freelance writing sites is Contently, where you may work and get paid well. With this, you may get great projects with exclusive brands. But you may need to keep waiting for a few days to get job opportunities.

It is a great place where you can do freelance writing for websites of international brands.

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#6. Mediabistro

Here you will get considerable opportunities to work with international media brands such as PBS and HBO. By this, you can imagine why it is on our list of 11 best freelance writing sites.

This website is for those who are looking to do freelance writing for a website that is well known internationally.

#7. ProBlogger

Let’s come to this one, a trusted freelance writing website that offers legit writing jobs to freelancers. This freelancing site has a job listing section for companies to come and list their job listing. Also, the one more thing is you don’t need to complete the signup on it to do freelance writing for websites.

It is totally free to be used by freelancers and available in most countries. However, for good-paying writing jobs, you may have to face a bit of competition.

#8. Writer Access

This is the perfect freelance site for writers who want to do freelance writings for websites of other great organizations. The platform is famous for serving its content marketing services and letting freelance writers work in limited nationals, which are: Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Ireland.

Also, they review your writing quality by providing you with start ratings. However, it’s not available in all the countries but still worth checking and finding great opportunities if available in your country.

#9. Bloggingpro

Bloggingpro is one of the best freelance websites for writers as it is entirely free to be used by its users. No matter if you have not completed your signup process here. Here you have multiple opportunities to upload jobs on their bord, and clients post jobs on the website.

#10. Craigslist

Craigslist is also a good option for those searching for freelance writing jobs for websites in the internet industry. But some users say that a few junk jobs need to be removed.

If you search for a job, you need to search in different locations separately. Also, there are some good things about it. Most importantly, it is easy to find jobs, read job listings and apply for an ideal job you like.

#11. Freelancewriting.com

Finally, we have our final freelancing site on the list, which is freelancewriting.com. The thing that makes it suitable to be added to our list is that it is free to use the freelance website for writers, and it saves your time while searching for jobs.

But you may have faced great competition while working on its platform. However, if you keep finding suitable opportunities and applying for the same. You will indeed find a good-paying opportunity and company to start working.

Best freelance writing websites: Conclusion

Here we have discussed the best freelance websites for writers where you may have the opportunity to work with international companies and get well paid for your service. I hope you love this article on the top freelancing sites for writers looking for a great platform to work. So, go and use some of these best freelance websites for writers and start making money online.

Also, if you want to keep learning how to make money online, ways to make extra money, the best side hustles, and personal finance articles. You can follow me and check out other articles I have published on medium.

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Hi, I'm Suraj, a freelance content writer and aspiring blogger. I love sharing about Tech, Finance, Marketing, & Writing Hacks.