6 Easy Ways to Grow Facebook Page Followers

How to Grow Facebook Page Followers?

Finally, you have created a professional Facebook page and uploaded brand images and logos. It looks perfect, and users will love visiting your Facebook page. But the sad thing is that it is still not driving any traffic to the website.

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Traffic is the lifeblood for a small business owner; without organic or referral traffic, your business will not grow. Thus, it’s essential to use platforms like Facebook to boost the number of followers and engagement with them.

So don’t panic; I will share with you some powerful and convenient ways to boost Facebook followers. If you maintain consistency and keep providing value to the audience, you will surely get attention from those who are glued to this platform.

How to Grow Facebook Page Followers?

1. Know Your Current Reach

You want to grow your Facebook page followers and get more sales. Right? So, your first step should be to analyze your current reach and the mistakes you are making right now. Facebook provides analytics features where you can monitor all these insights. You can export these data into Excel.

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Furthermore, you also get the option to have data in page metrics and post metrics. In page metrics, you get holistic insights into your page’s performance. It gives you an idea about your page’s performance and reach.

On the other hand, post metrics give you a more detailed idea of how users interact with your social media content. You can see the content’s number of likes, reach, and most liked posts.

2. Block Fake Followers

Your next step is to block the fake followers on Facebook. Most fake followers do not engage with your post, which hurts your social presence. Also, Facebook shows your post to up to 6% of your followers. Thus, it’s crucial to have legitimate followers who engage well with your post.

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If your Facebook post gets good engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will increase the post’s reach to other followers. So, go and check out the Facebook fan section and block the followers who look fake.

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3. Improve the Level of Your Content

It Doesn’t matter how much money you put in ads and the number of secret tips you use. Nothing can save you if your page consistently gets updated with terrible content. Dull or duplicate content does not get much engagement. Thus, it’s a great strategy to develop a targeted and personalized content idea.

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Based on your research, you also require to create a content calendar and post the targeted piece of content with great taste and tone. Remember, social media is the platform to connect with your audience directly. You are not supposed to sell in all of your posts.

You can educate them, share a memorable journey, and share some other resources. Sharing video clips, graphics, and other visual-based content is a great idea.

4. Get More Engagement

Good engagement with your Facebook post is the key to success on this platform. Replying to customer messages and sending personalized messages will help you get the audience’s attention.

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In addition, you can even ask questions and ask them to answer in the comment section. Remember, your questions should be relevant and related to your brand. It’s good to gather audience feedback to improve your social media marketing strategy.

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61% of Facebook users in the UK used the messaging feature to solve their questions. Hence, you should also stay active on messenger to help your audience to solve their queries.

5. Start Using Facebook Ads.

Sometimes it’s also good to use Facebook Ads. At present, Facebook Ads are one of the cost-effective and affordable options to get the attention of the targeted audience. You do not need to spend thousands, even if you can spend a few bucks on a regular basis. It can add a lot of value to your business’s lead generation capabilities.

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Also, if more people visit your Facebook page, you will get more followers in less time. However, make sure you do not spam or create non relevant ads. As it can affect your brand image and can also discourage your audience from trying your brand product. Thus, it’s a good idea to create relevant and personalized ads that help you reach a targeted audience without disturbing their comfort.

6. Go Live & Increase Reach

A few years ago, Facebook also launched a “Live Feature.” Nowadays, most Facebook users love watching live videos using its live feature. So, if you also want to convey a brand message to your audience.

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Don’t forget to use this feature and communicate with your audience. Because Facebook’s users are 10x more likely to comment and like the Live videos. Also, they love sharing videos if they like the content.

You can choose any relevant topic to go live and discuss online. You can do the same on other social channels as well.


Now, you have six easy and convenient ways to get followers on your Facebook page. Thus, use some of these tips to get a better engagement rate and reach.

Ultimately it will help you gain more followers and users’ attention. However, before you do so, you must develop a great content idea to share with your audience regularly.

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Hi, I'm Suraj, a freelance content writer and aspiring blogger. I love sharing about Tech, Finance, Marketing, & Writing Hacks.