15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money

15 Best Frugal Living Tips By @writersuraj

11 min readMay 9, 2022
15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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Do you hate begging for money from others? Do you want to live a debt-free life without compromising your lifestyle? Today, I will be sharing some best frugal living tips that are easy to implement. It will help you manage your money better without using inferior options to make a living.

But before we discuss the top 15 tips for frugal living, let’s understand the meaning of frugal living. So, you can get the most valuable insights from this article and make the most from every cent you spend outside.

Frugal Living Meaning:

Frugal living means defining the purpose of every single cent you spend outside. It helps you prioritize your spending and cut down significant unnecessary expenses. So, you can quickly achieve your financial goals and manage your funds better, even with limited earning sources.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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What does Frugal Living not Mean?

There are many misunderstandings about frugal living that will get cleared today. Below are some key points that do not come under frugal living.

  • Living without proper electricity
  • Not buying things that you NEED
  • Living on a burger and avoiding proper meal

Anything essential to living a healthy life and avoiding saving some bucks does not mean you are making a frugal living. Frugal living is the way to live life with flexibility and proper resources, even if you have limited earning sources.

It shows you how to spend your hard-earned money on needs rather than wants. In short, if you live in poverty, even if you earn money, it does not mean you make a frugal living.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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Reasons to Live a Frugal Life.

There are several reasons to live a frugal life to achieve financial goals. Below are some reasons and benefits of a frugal life.

  • Give you financial happiness, even when you earn less
  • Help to decrease financial stress and debt
  • An excellent way to get more engagement and time with family
  • Increase overall net worth and help to achieve financial goals
  • Also, an excellent way to plan for retirement and save some significant fund

In short, frugal living can help you save money to buy a home, car and even pay college fees.

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15 Most Practical Tips For Frugal Living

1. Start Cooking Food at Home

Eating outside can be the best way to eat tasty food without making an effort to cook and clean dishes. But it also drains your pocket and costs a lot of your hard-earned money. Instead of eating out every day, you can buy groceries from a small shop, cook at home, and eat with your family.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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It’s a more healthy option than what you eat in any restaurant. However, on weekends you can consider going out and eating out. It will not impact your budget and will help you plan a healthy diet. It’s a time-tested and significant tip for frugal living, with little and no extra effort.

2. Avoid Taking Debt

It’s not a good thing to get into debt occasionally to meet your financial needs. However, you can use free debt management mobile applications to stay on top of your debts if you take debt. It will help you understand when to get extra debt and pay on time. Also, many applications offer limited debt and do not charge a late fee.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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But for a frugal living, you must know how to make a living with your present earnings. Because it will give you more flexibility and responsibility to achieve your financial goals promptly.

3. Pay your Debt Fast

If you are a person who has gotten a loan from anywhere, you should also pay off debt fast. It’s crucial to stay away from the high-interest rate you may have to pay. There are plenty of ways to pay off debt before it matures. I have published a dedicated article on it; you can check out and understand how to pay it fast and live a stress-free life.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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Also, you should practice creating a budget that you can manage with your limited earnings. It will help you decrease your dependency on the extra loan you take.

4. Negotiate when you Buy

Here is another tip to live frugally, and it’s related to your shopping habit. Whenever you make any purchase in the shop, it’s advisable to do as much negotiation as possible. Some shop owners call for a higher price for the product than it should offer in the market. If you find the product costly, you can negotiate with your mother or father.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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It’s just a hint to give you the idea of understanding negotiating habits. Having impressive negotiation skills can help you lower daily expenses and make some savings. Many people who prefer frugal living use their negotiation skills to buy groceries, fast food, and even while traveling.

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5. Consider DIY Stuff to Gift others

You don’t need to buy expensive stuff to give to someone. Many affordable DIY accessories look appealing and impress your loved ones when you give them. So, when you have limited money in your pocket and have to give a gift to someone.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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It’s good to check out DIY product stores and buy an attractive one. It will come within budget and help you show your care to nature and your loved ones. Many DIY accessories are available in several categories, including gym, dresses, and more.

6. Buy Quality Products that Last Long

Buying products at the right time is as essential as buying quality products. If you need any product, such as a TV, you will spend more time researching and caring for that. However, when you buy the right thing at the right time, you must consider bringing a branded product that will last long. Cheaper goods do not last long and are also built with low-quality materials.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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But you check out well-established brand’s products; you will find extended warranty coverage, good customer support, and premium quality material in build. So, to make a frugal living, you do not only need to buy the product at a low price but also bring the best quality product to your home.

7. Prefer Buying Used Things

There is no bad thing about buying second-hand cars, bikes, shirts, and jewelry. Buying new products is costly to deal with, significantly impacting your monthly budget. Hence, if you want to stay up today in fashion, you can purchase second-hand clothes. You can even purchase from a local shop to do affordable shopping. If you need to buy a car, you can look for a second-hand option.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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There are many places to buy second-hand or used cars and bikes at low rates. These vehicles are tested and assured by the sellers; hence there is nothing to worry about performance. It’s another excellent and effective tip for frugal living that most people use. You can also try and see the positive result without compromising anything.

8. Manage your Finance Better

You should manage your finances effectively to stay on top of your expenses and earnings. Most people spend significant money on OTT subscriptions, and they do not use them. If you are also a person who gets an OTT subscription and does not make full use of it. You should say not too ideal a subscription as it wastes money for frugal living persons.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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Also, when you have fewer expenses, you have more savings and low mental stress for a good living. Thus, you can consider this frugal living tip and see the positive changes in your life. I have also shared a post on the best personal finance apps to help you manage your finances efficiently. You can check out that article as well and get some valuable insights.

9. Travel in Off-Season Time

Do you love to go on safari, beach, trekking, and other tours? If so, you might already know it’s a costly deal to handle. However, here is a tip that can save up to 50% on your on-season traveling. Many frugal living people consider traveling off-seasons or before or end of seasons.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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Because during this time, many service providers provide discounts and extra benefits with the tour booking. You get cashback, affordable tours, and much more when you avail of such a deal. Hence, this tip for frugal living will help you save money and travel to your favorite destination.

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10. Control Jewelry Purchase

Do you know where people love spending more? It’s when they buy their favorite jewelry from the supermarket. You also know how costly a deal can be when you see the latest design and best quality products. But to make a budget-oriented, frugal living, you should control spending on jewelry purchases.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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If you do not have good jewelry to use, in that case, you can look for new pieces. However, an old jewelry purchase is also a wise decision to make. Also, you can sell old but unused jewelry. Because it will give you enough money to purchase the latest jewelry design. You can even consider the DIY option to save on high costs and stay fashionable.

11. Avoid Using a Credit Card on a Scale

If you are a person who occasionally uses a credit card to make a purchase. You should start avoiding it because it can impact your monthly budget. You see tons of discounts, cashback, and exciting offers whenever you go to the supermarket. And all these marketing campaigns can attract you to make an extra purchase on credit.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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As a result, you will pay extra interest with the principal amount. You can use reward coupons to save some bucks and stay within your monthly budget. It’s crucial to remember this idea from day one of frugal living. Let’s move to another tip for frugal living without a decreasing lifestyle.

12. Consider Generic Medicines

Buying medicines is another primary term that costs your pocket. Many branded medicines cost a lot, and people with limited earnings can struggle financially. If you also want to save some bucks, it’s an excellent way to move to generic medicines. Generic medicines are good and also advised by medical practitioners.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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Branded medicines can keep up to 70% of marketing and manufacturing spending. Hence, these medicines are costly; almost 10% of medical clinics recommend using such medicines. On the other hand, 99% of generic medicines are affordable and come with similar benefits.

13. Use Multiple Streams to Make Money

Do you have multiple streams of earning money? If not yet! You should consider finding suitable ways to make money online or offline. Giving tuitions to students, creating a YouTube channel, and filling in paid surveys are easy side hustles to make money. You can make money by pet sitting, babysitting, and even listening to music.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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These ways are good for earning extra money with zero or little effort. I have posted dedicated articles on the same in proper ways. Hence, you can check out those articles and get another way to make money.

14. Start Investing Money

You must start investing at least $10 a month with your frugal lifestyle. It will help you to make some sustainable assets and worthy investments in the long run. Most people think they need to spend significant money to invest. But there are now many apps where you can start investing in a few bucks.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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You can even use peer-to-peer lending to make extra money. However, it’s up to you to decide the money you will invest in the right place for a good return. It’s a helpful tip for frugal living that is time-tested and can provide an excellent result. But still, you must consider some trusted investment options to minimize the risk associated with the investment.

15. Rent not Own to Exceed Budget

It’s the last tip for frugal living in this article and also very useful for those who keep using fashionable clothes, cars, and other things. Generally, buying these items can cost more and force you into debt.

15 Impressive Tips For Frugal Living To Save Money
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You can save yourself from being in debt by renting all this stuff. There are many platforms and local stores where you can buy clothes and other things for rent at an affordable price. You also do not need to pay for maintenance other than the rental amount. Many people use this when they go to a party, on vacation, and even at their wedding.


Frugal living is the lifestyle that gives you the flexibility to make a good living without spending much from your pocket. It asks you the reason to buy the product and suggests an ideal solution with alternatives.

Frugal living does not mean living in poverty or not buying a car. But it means managing your money so you can make the most from the current income. When you start making a frugal living, you will not succeed for the first time; you will experiment, learn and grow with time to achieve financial independence.

I hope you now have an obvious idea about frugal living and some vital tips for frugal living. If you liked this article, please follow me here, show your support and also feel free to share my post. Thank you, everyone; I will come up with another article super soon.

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